Correction Is a Rescue!

correction is a rescue

Correction is always meant to be a rescue to us, if we’ll let it. When a small child begins to step out into a street full of busy traffic, a parent must grab hold of them and pull them back to safety. When you are driving down the highway and you veer off momentarily, you must sometimes take a great effort to correct your alignment with the road so as not to end up in a ditch. Sometimes a parent or someone who is more knowledgable speaks to you to correct an attitude or behavior so that you do not end up with consequences that would make your life difficult. Likewise, when we see a correction in God’s Word or hear a correction from our pastor, it is meant to help us. To keep us in the place where blessing can flow to us unhindered, and very often, to be a rescue to us. It’s so humbling to accept correction, but it can be the greatest blessing because it will keep you on course. Rejoice that He cares enough not to leave us how He finds us. #2Tim3sixteen #correctionisarescue

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