Prayer Works When We Believe

believe you receive when you pray

When we’ve sought His Word and we find where the thing we are believing for is INDEED His will for our lives, we will go to the place of prayer and leave that place in confidence! Mark 11:24 says, that we must believe that we receive at the moment we’ve prayed. Not because we see it immediately, but because we know He honors His Word. Then we can leave, rejoicing, knowing it’s on the way! Isn’t He so good! We don’t have to figure out the “how”, that’s His job. Once we’ve released our faith, we can rest and rejoice. And when something tries to tell us or show us that nothing seems to be changing, that’s just a reminder to KEEP rejoicing, because we know it’s coming! If you’re not confident yet, I encourage you to keep feeding on that truth before you go to the place of prayer. **What’s something that you “believe you receive” today? Comment and share what scripture you are standing on and let’s rejoice together!

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