Homeschooling is Teaching How to Learn, Not What

homeschool life

The homeschooling of my children has been the most rewarding journey of my calling as a teacher. It has allowed us to enjoy so much more family time, which I will never regret one bit. We have truly all learned and grown up together. For they have taught me some of the most valuable things about myself, my strengths and weaknesses alike, and I have received back so much more than I ever anticipated. It has allowed us the most precious gift of time. Time to allow them each to learn the leading of God and to practice His presence, and to get glimpses of His wonderful callings and giftings within them. I have only taught them how to learn, not necessarily what to learn (apart from learning Him and His Word, which holds all the answers). And really, if we let them take the lead, the learning of ‘how to learn’ is already in their design. Children really help us to jump off the government imposed conveyor belt, to stop, to listen, and to engage in discovery of all things new and exciting if we let them. If we are all forced to learn the very same things, we lose our diversity of interests, thirst for knowledge, and the ability to teach others something they may not know. And what is life if it is not the sharing of knowledge and experience in an attempt to aid others on their journey?

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