Your Calling is CALLING You!

You calling CALLS

Your calling is that thing that’s always CALLING you! It’s always ding-donging on your heart and you can’t seem to get away from it. And when you embrace it, it will hold you firm when other things come along to distract you. Keep going after it. That thing that fuels your fire. That’s THE THING that God is wanting you to do!  No matter what my hubby and I seem to be discussing, our conversation always gets back to ministry, the local church, building up the Body and training them how to bring their supply and find their fit. It’s our calling and what stokes our inner fires! Don’t run from it! Let it burn bright! It will help to light the way for others because God always connects what we do with everyone on our path. #waitfortherightone #yourcallingsareconnected #pursuewhatburnsinyou


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