Revival is For the Church!

Revival=Restoration to Life

We hear all the time that we should be “praying for revival” and how this world “needs revival”. But in honesty, revival was never meant for the world. To revive something means to bring back to life that which is deadened, but was once living. The world does not yet know Him, therefore revival is for us, the church. We need to stop praying for revival and do what it takes to BE REVIVED! We can have all the revival we want! When we get refocused on our first love, when we fan the flame that once burned within us, that is when we will live lives full of abundance, full of miracles, signs, and wonders. In a world filled with heartache and much confusion, we should be so set apart that we stand out. When the world looks upon us they should see something so different about the way we conduct our lives, the way we respond to difficulties, the way we OVERCOME! When the church awakens from her slumber and rises up, shining in the glory of the Lord, the world will come just to watch us burn. Revival, true revival of the church, is the dinner bell that will call all people home!

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