Parenting Book Review: Fit For The Master’s Use by Nancy Dufresne

parenting book

This current homeschool year I created an electives course for my children called Marriage and Family. My children are a senior and sophomore and I knew it would be important to take an entire year to go slowly through God’s plan for them for their future families and we’ve read great books that I’ve hand-selected on the subjects of Dating/Courtship, Marriage, Parenting, and Family Life. These are areas where I want to teach them first-hand through the experience of growing up in a godly home and also put solid, Biblical resources in their hands to help to further guide them as they begin to make decisions about what kind of home life to strive for when they move out on their own.

This book is one of the most valuable books on parenting that I have ever read (and believe me I have read a lot on the subject). Pastor Nancy Dufresne’s life and ministry have been a tremendous blessing to myself and our family. Her clarity of teaching and emphasis on the Word are unmatched in other books on this subject. Much of what is encouraged in this book are the very same sentiments the Holy Spirit has spoken to me about over the years concerning God’s best way to conduct our family life and in raising our children with the local church being the emphasis of how we serve the Lord together as a family. It is a blessing to have in this wonderful book confirmation of those ideals.

Whether you are raising little ones, your children are almost grown or you have grandchildren you wish to impart godly principles to, I guarantee this book will be a major blessing in your life and those who may seek wisdom from you.

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