The Art of Deception

In Genesis chapter 3 we learn about the fall of man. The art of deception…Satan takes the form of a serpent to deceive Adam and Eve out of all the blessings of living in Eden and in fellowship with their God. Eve listened to the serpent and examined the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. She gave it to Adam, who was standing right there, yet as the head of the family, he said nothing to the serpent. The glory of God was lifted from them and they realized for the first time they are naked. Yet, even in their sin, the Lord brought His presence to them. He always seeks after us.

When He questioned them, it wasn’t because He didn’t know the answer. He was searching their hearts. Eve blamed the serpent. Adam blamed Eve and God. How human to place the blame everywhere but where it truly belongs. We do it, too. He questions our motives to help us to find the right answer. Because only truth can set us free. But we often hide from the one thing that can free us.

Much is lost in this chapter and the beautiful earth is now changed by a curse. But, God ALWAYS has a plan! We see God’s gentleness as He clothes His children. And in His great love, He sends them out of the garden, so they do not partake of the tree of life and live forever separated from Him. We see the first of many prophecies concerning the coming Messiah. A great plan for their salvation and redemption. A way to bring them back into right-standing with Him. And it will take a SAVIOR, Jesus!

The enemy will always deceive. It’s who he is, through and through. He has no other skills. If he can get us believing the lies he spews, then he can get us to speak them, giving them power. When tempted to place blame, stop to take a moment to recognize the origin of the thought. We have a choice to believe the lie or believe the truth of God’s Word about a situation. No matter what you may be facing, be assured that God ALWAYS has a plan of salvation, redemption, and VICTORY for your life. Especially when it seems impossible because that’s God’s specialty. Stand firm on His Word of truth and refuse to budge and He will see you through every single time!


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