We Honor Our Husband With Our Words

As wives, we have the power to make or break our husbands. Our words are so powerful! They can build them up or tear them down. They can encourage our husbands or discourage them and keep them from fulfilling all they have been called to do. We give honor to our husbands when we speak words of affirmation to them. Even more than a good meal, the way to a man’s hearts is through our words. We are to be the C.E.O. of our man’s life. That’s his Chief Encouragement Officer! We should be the biggest cheerleader in their lives. The lack of this is the number one way that men can get sidetracked into having an affair. Don’t EVER let another woman fulfill that very important task for you! If we are not their biggest cheerleader, someone else will be. No matter what may be going on, if you let them know that you have confidence in them, that you believe they can do it and overcome all obstacles, that gives them the ability to do it! So, leave them little notes in their lunch, on the bathroom mirror, leave them a voicemail, or send them a text regularly. Speak the Word of God over them daily and watch how those very words will manifest in them. #speaklife #wordsofaffirmation 


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