Needing a Check-up From the Neck Up?

Some days we are in need of a “check-up from the neck up”. In other words, what are you allowing yourself to think on? If that thought is against what you’re believing for, you’d better cast it out and declare what you DO believe! Ask yourself what does the Word of God say about that issue? Then you have a choice to bring your thoughts and your tongue in line with the Word if you want to see victory. And then, after you’ve done that, sometimes you’ve got to get right up in the enemy’s grill and tell him, “I’m not a doubter. I’m a BELIEVER! I AM A BELIEVER! I REFUSE to allow doubt or unbelief to rob me of God’s best, of God’s blessings!” #hallelujah #Godsbestisminenow #onlyyoucandoyourdeclaring


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