Faith Doesn’t Shrink Back!

During difficult economic times do NOT give in to the temptation to cut back on your tithing or giving! The enemy would rob you of your greatest harvest that is SO CLOSE to fruition! Now that we are well into September, we should be back to school, vacations are done and we should be back to church. Times of rest is a good thing, in fact, they are a God-thing, but there should NEVER be a time when we are not giving of our time, our talents or our treasure. Just because you go on vacation, God’s house and His business do not cease. They are ever functioning and a large part of the church’s function on this earth is to bless communities and spread the Gospel. Churches are, in a sense, homes. Homes that require rent, electricity, heat, and maintenance, just like any other home.

Do NOT be tempted to shrink back! God is faithful to His word and to spiritual laws of sowing and reaping, just as He ever upholds natural laws. Be a faithful steward of all that He has blessed you with. It’s all His anyway and He trusts us to deal wisely with it. He asks that we give 10% back to Him and the other 90% is blessed for our use. When we are obedient we are giving Him the right to bless us. As we give it SHALL be given back unto us, multiplied, so that we have plenty to meet our needs and plenty left over to give to others.

2 Cor.9:5-11 speaks of spending time purposing in your heart what you will give. Not grudgingly, like having to pay a bill, but joyfully because it is a way we can honor God. He’s so awesome! He not only gives us the seed to sow, but also knows that as we sow, (just as natural farmers sow their seeds for their harvest) it makes Him able to increase us even more! Be encouraged that as believers while we live IN this world we are not OF it! We are not subject to the economics of the earth! Yes, we pay higher prices for food and gas just as others do, but as we honor God and trust Him, He will take care of us. Our paycheck is not our source, He is! He can even make your paycheck stretch further! Recognize and thank Him for deals that seem to come your way and declare that your appliances, clothing and things last longer than normal! Do not draw back, but press forward, in faith, and let Him prove Himself faithful to you!



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