The Local Church is God’s Heartbeat

Make plans to attend church tomorrow. A Christian who thinks he can live a life of abundance without having a local church is deceiving himself (James 1:22). The enemy does not want us to connect the dots to realize us being a part of a church is vital to our receiving from God. We are called to a church body, to not only attend but to bring our supply. Our supply of giftings, fellowship and of the Spirit. We each have a measure of the Holy Spirit within and when we come together corporately, the potential for manifestations of power is even greater! The Lord has direction, answers for your life through the teaching and preaching of the Word by a pastor you’re submitted to. Whatever your pastor is emphasizing is what the Holy Spirit is emphasizing for your life! Put yourself in position to receive the ABUNDANCE God has for you today! #thelocalchurchisGodsheartbeat #equippingofthesaints #bringyoursupply

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