Largeness of Heart

Our God is so good that He always gives us above and beyond all that we can ask! When God told King Solomon that he could have anything he wanted, Solomon asked for wisdom; for a discerning heart to rule the people (1 Kings 3). The Word says that the request was pleasing in the sight of the Lord, so much so that the Lord said He would give him that plus He would give him riches, honor and prolong his days!

God’s thoughts toward us are always higher than our thoughts about ourselves and His ways of blessing us are higher than we can imagine! The original Hebrew text of the words ‘wisdom’ and ‘discernment’ translates to the Lord giving him “largeness of heart”! Fear and selfishness indicate narrowness of heart. But largeness of heart will always expand us on the inside to embrace the vision/plan that He has for us.

When God gives us vision, we can get so excited that we just want to run with it and get it started. But we need to make sure to take the time to also ask Him for largeness of heart in order to embrace it the way He has planned. To not despise time of preparation that will only give us the equipping and knowledge we will need to walk it out successfully. If we ask for it, He is generous to give us all we will need, because after all it is His plan and He wants us to be more successful at completing it than we do. Ask the Lord to show you what He wants for you to do today and when He reveals it to you, also ask Him for largeness of heart. It’s with the heart that we receive the promises of God!

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