God is Not Afraid of Our Mess

Life is messy…people are messy…relationships are messy. Jesus came to redeem people from the messiest stuff. He’s not intimidated by real life and we shouldn’t be either. He’s the only perfect one. Some people’s messes may be more evident than others, but we are all a work in progress. Apathy says I see your mess. Compassion says I not only see your mess but I remember my own and feel compelled to reach out and pull you up and out of yours so you can breathe again. To give you hope and show you there is healing available to you if you are willing. And some will not be ready to be willing. And that’s okay, because it doesn’t have to change your posture of compassion. Don’t give up. Keep loving. Keep believing. Keep speaking God’s best to and about people. Jesus is the Redeemer. When our words are in line with His words, He is able to do His best work through us. God is not afraid of our mess. ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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