We Get Hungry By Eating

Get Hungry By Eating

Feeling in a slump spiritually? Missing the atmosphere and connection of meeting with and serving with other believers? Online services just not cutting it anymore? I recently read a poll by the Barna Group that stated in the last four weeks of quarantine that 48% of churchgoers have stopped attending online church altogether. That definitely proves how valuable meeting in person is to people. I cannot encourage you enough to take advantage of the myriad of ways churches are reaching out to you to help you feel connected while still in this distancing phase, some providing connection every single day of the week. As we start a new week, make the push to get out of the slump by spending just a little bit of time seeking after Him. Hunger for God works opposite of natural hunger. When you don’t have enough to eat naturally, you get hungry. And when you eat too much you get full. But the more you feed on the Word and spend time with God, the more you’ll hunger for Him and nothing else will satisfy. We were never meant to feed only once a week. We may meet once a week, but to stay full we must feed every single day; consume some Word, spend time worshipping, talk to Him as if He’s right in the middle of everything with you because He is. Use this time of distance to actually draw closer to Him than ever before. Make all this chaos and upheaval count for something! Press in! Get full! He’s not distant! He’s right there! ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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