Pray For Leaders

Pray for Leaders

With everything that is going on, those who are in authority have so many voices coming at them. It must be so challenging to decipher what is true. We may feel helpless and out of control, but when things seem so unsettled and disturbed, God is telling us to pray. Be responsible and do everything we know to do in the natural, but then pray. Prayer connects us to God and the power source we need. It gives God legal access to our lives and the situations that affect us.  We must pray that God surrounds our leaders with true counsel and removes from them those who have their own agenda. That any evil plots would cease and those who wish to cause harm would be exposed. We pray that divine wisdom, grace, and direction will be given to all who are in authority from the national to the local level. When we are faithful to do our part, which is prayer, then God can do His part, which is to release His power to restore, to protect, to provide, to heal. As we head into a new week, whenever you are feeling out of control or anxious, take a moment to pray and then spend a minute just thanking Him that His power is working and for always being faithful to help us. He’s a good, good Father. ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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