The Word Must Be in Your Spirit

Word in spirit

The Word in your mind and your mouth does not produce results. But when the Word is is your spirit and coming out of your mouth, it will always produce results! Keep feeding on God’s Word until it overflows from just your mind and drops down into your spirit. Faith is of the spirit realm. Faith always comes when we are hearing and hearing the Word, but it must be released. Releasing faith from the spirit part of your being will work every time! If you are speaking and nothing is changing keep feeding. Our faith is not a bottomless supply. Jesus said it was a measurable substance because He talked about little faith and great faith. We must make many deposits if we need to make a large withdrawal. While we are growing our faith the most important thing to remember is to simply use the faith we have. Even a small amount of faith can move mountains when we release it! ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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