The BEST Year Yet!

The BEST Year Yet!

Have you ever had the Lord give you a word or a phrase for the new year? One that when you heard it your spirit man got excited or it just seemed to resonate with you? God often speaks to us through His word or through our pastors or spiritual parents giving us direction, correction, or encouragement. For the last 7 years, God has given someone I consider to be my spiritual mother, a word for the new year and every year it has been something God gave for me to keep focused on. I may study many other things in the word all year long, but it’s something that I keep in the forefront of my mind and heart because I know it’s part of God’s plan of success for me for that year. That’s why God gives us His word, so we know exactly what to focus on when other things try to come in and move our focus off course. And believe me, they will.

This year the phrase was “It will be your best year yet!” Of course, as a believer, I choose to believe that every year, because the goal of every year should be to grow, to not stay the same, to be learning more and increasing in the knowledge of God, His Word, and in using our faith. To be moving up a new level with Him and moving into new faith projects and increasing in every arena of life. But I also know that the things that God speaks do not just come to pass because He spoke them. We are in a partnership with God in His work and plan in the earth and in our lives. So, He needs us to participate just as much as we need Him. He spoke them so that WE can now speak them and then HE can cause them to come to pass! Isn’t it wonderful that when you don’t know what to say, He gives us the exact right words that will get the job done? And when we are tempted to say something else, that’s exactly when we need to hold fast to those words and keep speaking them because we know that He honors His every word. So, when things may not look like “the best year yet” I’m authorizing you to use your authority and tell it not like it is, but how it should be. We say, Nope, this WILL BE the BEST year yet and this situation must line up with that outcome. I will receive God’s help and no circumstance can move me off of what God promised me! God said it, I say it, and it SHALL come to pass! Hello, 2020! You’re going to be THE BEST YEAR YET!

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