The Word of God is a Seed

the word is a seed

The Word of God is an incorruptible seed. If we sow the Word, it has to produce, it will always produce, it has no other choice. Its function is to produce because it is full of power. If you’ve sown seed, whether financially, materially, relationally or of your time, that seed went into the soil of your heart and has all the potential to produce if you tend the soil and water the seed. Those are the responsibilities of the sower, but God will always give the increase. If you’ve not yet seen a harvest on the seed you’ve sown, go back and check those two areas, the soil and the watering. It is going to be either one or both of these that are not creating a healthy condition for the seed to thrive. Make sure the soil of your heart is of a healthy condition, meaning your motives are right, your attitude is correct, and then make sure you are watering and tending to that seed with your words, words of faith, words of thankfulness and gratitude. Don’t dig the seed up by speaking your frustrations over the waiting period. Every farmer knows he cannot reap until harvest time. Just be faithful to tend to it and be joyful knowing harvest time always comes! Because JOY is the attitude of faith! We can always measure our believing by our JOY and PEACE level. 

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