Our Children Are Blessed Through Our Obedience


Living under the blessing described in Deut. 28 is not just limited to financial/material wealth. It means every arena of your life will be blessed. When we are faithful to diligently obey God’s commands, that means we keep His statutes: His commandments, serving, gathering together, tithing, etc…AND we obey the things He directs us to do by the Spirit for our lives. When we are doing that it KEEPS us UNDER the blessing. Every arena means our houses will be blessed, our bodies will be blessed, the things we own and take care of will be blessed AND it specifies that our offspring, our children will be blessed and abound in prosperity (verses 4, 11) they will flourish, they will be walking in the light of the Word and the fullness of His plan, they will not be joined in ungodly relationships, and our relationship with our children will be blessed. We must connect the dots that by disobeying, we remove ourselves and our children from under the blessing and Satan can enter, unwatched and strip away all that God has blessed us with and it has nothing to do with God not doing His part. We must come back in line with God’s blessing and He can then restore unto us all that belongs to us. Our children will be blessed through our obedience. 

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