We Cannot Be More Righteous

live holy

As believers, we can never become MORE righteous, because when Jesus took our sins upon Himself, the Word tells us that He then gave us His righteousness. Righteous just means that we have right-standing with God. Where we were once separated from Him because of our sin, we’ve now been brought back into union with Him (2 Cor. 5:21). But we have been called to live holy, as God is a God of holiness. It’s something that we should be growing in daily (Eph. 4:24). Things we once did, we should no longer do; places we once went, we should no longer go to (physically or mentally). The way we grow in holiness is by feeding on the revelation of our righteousness! We cannot truly live holy apart from that truth. That we no longer condemn ourselves or allow anyone else to, but we walk in who God has made us to be, the righteousness of God IN Christ! We are now IN Him and He IN us empowers us to live victorious lives!

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