What Are You Hearing?

what are you hearing

Ever hear someone talking negatively about their life or situation? They say they are believing God for things to change, but you can hear it in their voice that they’ve stepped out of faith. My spiritual father, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin, used to say that you can usually locate right where someone is in their faith by talking with them for just a few minutes. Even if they are speaking the Word, you can tell it’s coming from an empty place. When we are truly “in faith”, there is a fullness to it. An overflowing that no matter what seems to be happening all around us, we are joyful, rejoicing, and hopeful, because we know our faith is working. When people are not talking right, it’s simply because they are not hearing the right things. Romans 10:17 says that “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of Christ.” But just hearing the Word with our natural ears is not enough. I’ve known many people who have been “hearing” the Word for many years and yet are still living in defeat and not victory. The hearing we are required to do is to hear with our spirit man, diligently feeding it on the Word of truth, getting it down deep daily. Then when we speak, we are speaking from a place of fullness. Pay attention the words that come out of your mouth as you face the challenges of life. The Holy Spirit will check you when you’re not speaking in line with the Word. That’s a good indicator that you’ve momentarily stepped out of faith. Get back into the Word and fill up and it will be the thing that automatically comes out when pressure comes. And it will change your situation.

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