Don’t Let Fear Label You

fear will try to label you

What was Joseph afraid of? The label that society would slap on Mary and eventually on him if he stayed with her. That they must be fornicators. That Mary had lost her purity. But Jesus labeled her as “highly favored among women.” The woman at the well went to fetch water when nobody was around because her community had labeled her a loose woman, an adulterer. But Jesus saw her and He rightly labeled her as “thirsty”, He saw her true need and told her she needed His “living water”. Peter was a fisherman. He knew he was a fisherman. He called himself a fisherman. He probably came from generations of fishermen. But Jesus ripped off that label and renamed him Peter, a fisher of men! You might think you know your future. But Jesus will reveal to you your DESTINY. That thing you were born for!

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