A Need Can Be A Blessing

A need can be a blessing

Do you have a need in your life? Any need at all? Of course, we all do. God knew we would have needs in this life, it’s just part of living on this earth. That’s why He said through Paul in Phil 4:19 “And my God shall supply all your NEEDS according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Needs no longer become a negative thing, when you know you have a supply. Did you know that God will even lead us to create needs in our lives, just because He’s big enough to be our Supplier? It’s true. Ever step out in faith to purchase a home or car without paying cash for it? You just created a God-lead need, therefore a mortgage is nothing to fear, it’s actually something that blesses you in your life because you can now live in your own home. Do you have any children running around your home? Are they not some of the biggest blessings in your life? Children are little needs who create more needs every day, for years! But you LOVE those little needs, don’t you? So, it’s never the “need” that causes us to have troubled hearts, it’s really the fear that tries to attach itself to the needs. The fear that there won’t be a supply. But, Praise God, we have His Word on the matter right here in Phil. chapter 4! So, needs are not negative because once we deal with fear, by resisting it and speaking what the Word says about it, we can always live in perfect peace no matter what need arises, Amen? Sometimes it’s just a slight shift in our thinking to come back in line with God’s Word. We don’t ever need to seek the supply, just seek the Supplier and He’ll take care of you AND all your needs!

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