Make Time to Serve

Seek Ye First

Giving is more than just giving money. Giving is living a life of bringing your whole self to God in worship. Giving your money, time and talents. There are many good places we could be this weekend, but only one place ordained by God to be a place where He meets us. Don’t let the enemy use things that may even have been given to you as a blessing keep you away from putting first things first. We are in control of our schedule. An hour and a half on the first day of every week giving back unto God is so small in comparison to all He’s given us. When we bring our supply to our church, with a heart to serve and not be served, we are truly linking our heart to His, because only then are we doing our part to allow others to be blessed with the Word and encounter God in the same way someone once made possible for us. #seekyefirst #whenyousowtime #youwillreaptime #someoneonceservedforyoutoreap

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