What Are You Believing For?

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In Mark 11:23,24 Jesus taught us that when we pray, we must believe right then that we HAVE received what we’ve asked, even though we don’t yet see it, and we SHALL have it! What’s one thing YOU are believing God for right now? If you’ve already seen it promised in the Word and you’ve brought that scripture before the Lord in prayer, then you are authorized to move into PRAISE! Col. 4:2 says “Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with THANKSGIVING.” So, once we’ve prayed, we don’t have to keep praying because we believe it SHALL come to pass, but we can continue to bring it before God in the form of thanksgiving, watching over the request until it manifests. Not because God needs reminding, but because it will keep our faith ACTIVE. We are not truly “in faith” until we BELIEVE and SPEAK. This keeps us speaking what we already believe! What are you speaking today?


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