Is Your Spouse “A Good Provider”?

As wives, we must be careful about describing our husbands as “a good provider”, as it is calling them something they were never graced to be. There seems to be a fine line of balance (especially for those of us who live on one income) to be appreciative of their hard work, but not putting undue pressure upon them to be our provider. That takes God out of the equation! When we begin to think of what WE can do to meet a need in our lives, it ties God’s hands from being Jehovah Jireh, our Provider. When we get a revelation that God Alone is our Provider, it will take the pressure off our husbands trying to work in their own strength to provide for our families. Yes, they are called to put their hands to the work they’ve been called to; to be diligent and good stewards. But as wives, we are to be so built up in faith in the Word, that we do not go to our husbands to meet those needs but to pray in agreement with them and then to go to the throne of grace to boldly obtain all that we have need of. Don’t ever limit God to yours or your husband’s paycheck. God can feed you, house you and dress you WAY better than any man and He has unlimited resources! As a good Daddy, be assured, He knows how to take care of His girls!

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