Take It, It’s Yours

Hand receiving

I BELIEVE I RECEIVE! Four little words that hold SO MUCH POWER! Mark 11:23 Everything that God has made available to us, we must do the action of holding out our hands and RECEIVING it. He will never force it on us. The same way we receive God’s blessings of health, peace and provision is the very same way we received the free gift of salvation; by hearing the truth, believing it in our hearts and acting in faith with our words. The word for “receive” in that verse means to literally “take hold” or past tense “took”. If you want to see real change in the situations in your life this year, start with what’s coming out of your mouth and give the Lord something to work with. Release your faith for what you need by speaking His promises by faith! He is FOREVER bound to His Word concerning you! Take it, it’s yours!

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