Agree With God

Did you know that God and the devil both want the exact same thing from you? They both need your agreement. God needs us to agree with His Words in order for Him to bring them to pass and the enemy will keep trying to get you out of agreement with God and into agreement with his words. Did you know they both have a plan for your life? Whichever you are in agreement with is the one that will manifest in your life. When the angel of the Lord came to Mary to tell her the plan God had for her life what was he waiting for? Her agreement. If she did not consent, God would have had to find another woman. But she answered “Be it done unto me according to your word” and then the angel departed (Luke 1). Why? He got what he came for—her agreement. What you agree with is what you’ll have in your life. If the enemy can get you to agree with sickness, then it will stay with you until you decide to SAY “I agree with God’s Word that ‘By Jesus’ stripes I WAS HEALED’ and if I WAS then I AM!” If the enemy can get you to agree with his lie of lack, because you’ve been taught being poor and going without somehow makes you humble or holy, then supply will elude you until you agree with God’s Word that says “My God SHALL SUPPLY ALL my needs according to His riches IN Christ Jesus!” What are you agreeing with today? Begin to declare that you agree with God and His Word and watch things in your life begin to change! #agreewithGod #HisplanisVictory #thedevilisaliar


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