Called to Live Holy

Christians cannot live like the world and expect the blessings of God in their lives. As believers we are called to live holy, to be separate. Will we miss the mark from time to time? Yes, but we should ever be growing in resistance to sin, so that when it comes knocking we don’t answer. If our lives are in constant state of crisis and chaos something is wrong. That’s not the flow Jesus has provided for us. Will we experience opposition and trials from time to time? Yes, but my Bible says my God ALWAYS causes me to triumph IN Christ! If you’re constantly dealing with attacks (physically, financially, relationally) go back to the last thing God spoke to you about and repent. True repentance means you turn completely away from it, not just asking for forgiveness and then keep pursuing it. You’ve got to cut it off, giving it no more life. Our faith confession cannot override our sin. First get the sin dealt with, then your faith can flow unhindered because you won’t approach the throne boldly when you’ve got a sin consciousness. You know in your heart of hearts where you’re missing it. If you’re living willfully in a lifestyle of sin, you know it, God knows it and the devil knows it. God will bless you as far as He can, but until you get real and call it what it is, it will keep you bound and you will not walk in the fullness of provision God has in store for you. If you could see into the spirit realm and see all that He has planned, it’s so much better than what you’re trying to work out on your own. Get up by faith and go to God! Let Him grab hold of you! He knows exactly how to pull you out of the pit and set you on a high place. Don’t believe the lie. He’s got so much more for you than you ever dreamed! #Hesanexpertrescuer #nolongeraslavetofear #Hisplanisgreater#thisisalifelineforsomebody

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