This is How We Overcome!

Whatever it is that has you concerned or worried, it’s just an indicator of what you need to be feeding on. If that unexpected bill causes you to fret, then you need to be feeding on verses that promise God’s provision for you until you can say boldly, God has a supply for me! (Phil 4:19) If the negative doctor’s report has you shaking then you need to feed yourself the Word of God’s promise to heal, until you believe in your heart and can say with your mouth that “By Jesus’ stripes I WAS HEALED and therefore AM HEALED.” (1 Peter 2:24) Feed daily on a variety of promises from God’s Word, just like a variety of foods are nutritious for your natural body. Be so built up in TRUTH, that no lie can shake or sway you. Be so built up that when something tries to come against your mind, it is too full of the truth of God’s thoughts toward you that it has no resting place in you. See every circumstance as just another opportunity to walk by faith and for God to show Himself STRONG on your behalf!

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