When We Slow Down We Can See People

Do you enjoy people watching? I’ve never minded having lay-overs at the airport or sitting outside on a bench and watching people go by while waiting for something. I often wonder who they all are and what they are doing in their lives. Ever drive home from work or somewhere you frequent and get so in a zone that you don’t comprehend how you just got home? It’s as if the car just drove itself.

I was driving home from work one evening and being that I was able to leave a bit earlier than usual I found myself aggravated that I was then stuck in traffic that I didn’t know normally existed. But as I sat there, crawling along at a snail’s pace, I found myself actually looking around me and “people watching” others in their cars. Some of them looked tired. Some of them looked angry to be sitting still. Others looked sad and it made me wonder what they might be dealing with in their lives. As I looked around, an overwhelming compassion welled up inside me. The love of God began crashing like waves in my heart and I heard God ask, “Are you available?” “Can I use you right where you are?” I snapped out of my day-dreaming/people-watching and began to pray for those that I saw around me. I began to speak His Words over them. That God would send laborers across their path, that the blinders would be removed from them and that the light of the Gospel would shine in. I prayed for healing and wholeness and provision and peace and for blessings for their families.

A mundane drive home became filled with purpose and reach because I not only looked but saw people. Isn’t that all any of us really want? To be seen. When we slow down enough to really see people, we realize how badly God is looking for an opening to impact their lives. We are truly His hands and feet. He has limited Himself to work through His body. He has given us His Words to speak and put into motion. **I challenge you to not only look around you this week, but to SEE those around you. And then tell Him, I’m available. ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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