God Wants to Partner With Us!

From the time man fell in the garden, God had a plan in His heart to send Jesus (Gen.3:15). Because God chose to work WITH men, it took thousands of years of waiting for that to come to pass. The Word says it’s through FAITH & PATIENCE that the promises are obtained (Heb. 6:12). He personally knows and understands this element more than anybody! If He could have patience then we can too because we are just like Him (Gen. 1:26). If God spoke something into your heart or made a promise to you in His Word and you’ve laid it down because you’ve grown weary with the waiting, did you know that it is still there? His Word is FOREVER settled (Psalm 119:89). And did you know that although it seems it’s been too long, you can, by faith, pick that thing back up and get movement flowing to that promise again?! He’s waiting on YOU! He hastens to perform His Word in your life! Even if it’s been months or years, God does not calculate time like us. With the Lord, a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day (2 Pet. 3:8)! And in these last days, I believe that time is accelerating! So, pick it back up, dust it off and run with it, friend! (Heb. 12:1). IT SHALL COME TO PASS! Pick it up, determine by your words and actions to align yourself with that plan once again and then God can do His part, which is to bring POWER to cause it to manifest! Because He still desires to work WITH His children! #Godalwayshasaplan #Hewantstopartnerwithus #workwithGod

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