Fractures Can Heal to Become Stronger Than Ever

When my daughter was a teenager, the day before starting her freshman year of high school, she fractured her femur while playing on a trampoline in our neighbor’s yard. It was also right before she was to start dance lessons, which was a dream she was finally ready to fulfill. After a long night in the ER, the surgeon decided not to operate and to try to set her bones, realigning them and casting them immobile and allowing her body to do what is designed to do; heal itself. He explained that the recovery rate would take much longer than if he were to put metal bars inside her leg that would allow her to walk on it with full weight much sooner, and that more extensive physical therapy would be required because of the months of scar tissue that would naturally build up causing a protective web to form around the injury. But he said the longer recovery would produce a leg bone which would become the strongest bone in her body because of the trauma it endured. That if it aligned perfectly we should have no fear of future injury because the healing process would force the body to produce fresh, stronger bone around the injured section.

Our bodies are so resilient, as are our hearts. If you have been through a fracture, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, know that God wants to and is fully able to heal you. That when you align your heart with the truth of the Word of God that healing can begin to take place. You may need therapy to discuss issues and gain perspective. You may need to seek outside counsel to process through the trauma, but know that God will never leave your side and He is well aware that living on this earth would create some traumas in our lives. Healing is not instantaneous. It takes time, a period of rest, and then the hard work of pushing through the scar tissue. But it is so worth it. Living freely is worth it. Relationships are worth it. You are worth it! Because out of the hurt and confusion can emerge a stronger person who is then able to reach out to others in their injury and give them hope. ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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