Winter Days Don’t Have to Be Dark

 Is there peace on Earth? It’s not a trick question. With everything we see every day in the news, we are not seeing much peace on Earth. But despite that, how many of you know that God has still made a way for us to walk in peace? The peace that we experience on the Earth is only going to come about by us, the ones He left His peace to, walking in that peace and bringing it with us into every situation we face. That’s the only way peace will be on Earth. True peace only comes from the Greater One on the inside of us, Amen?

Jesus said in John 14:27, “Peace I leave with you, MY peace I give unto you; not as the world gives do I give unto you; Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be fearful.” (NAS)

So, Jesus is saying there will be things you’ll face that cause your heart to be troubled, that will make you want to be fearful, but He said, I am leaving My peace here for you. It’s not a worldly peace. What is the world’s definition of peace? Is it yoga? Vacations? Meditation? A day at the spa? Retail therapy? Drugs? Alcohol? Some people use those counterfeit things to try to relax, to take the edge off, but those things cannot even compare with the peace of God! Heavenly peace is a very real substance, it’s a powerful force. It’s what surrounded Jesus as He walked on the Earth. As He walked through angry mobs of religious people who tried to kill Him. It’s what kept Him soundly sleeping while on a sinking ship and what acted as a garrison to guard His mind when He knew His mission was a death on the cross.

No matter what is happening all around you this week, be determined to stay in PEACE. The God-kind of peace. Jesus said, DO NOT let your heart be troubled! That means we have that ability. Sometimes we need to speak to natural things, and that includes our bodies and say, “Heart, don’t be troubled! I walk in the peace of God. The peace of God overflows from my spirit and calms my mind and body! I refuse to worry! I am free from anxious thoughts, I cast them on the Lord and enjoy HIS peace, in Jesus’ name!” It does not have to be a dark winter for us! ~Be Blessed, Jenny

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