Walking by the Spirit

Live by the Spirit

What does it mean to live and walk “by the Spirit”? The Holy Spirit is the part of God that comes to reside on the inside of us when we’ve made the decision to invite Him in and call Him Lord. God is in heaven and Jesus is at His right hand, but the Holy Spirit’s ministry is here on the earth since the day of Pentecost and He lives IN us. That means we are now living and walking with God inside us and we are no longer living this life alone. We have a Helper on the inside, leading and guiding us if we’ll take the time each day to acknowledge Him and His presence. Galatians chapter 5 talks about the nine fruits of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Those are all attributes of the Holy Spirit and fruit of us now living a new life with Him strengthening us from the inside out. If these things are new to your life, one of the best ways to grow the fruit of the Spirit in your life is by spending time communing with the Spirit, especially praying in other tongues because tongues are “of the Spirit”. Everything we need to know about our lives can be learned by spending time with the Author of the plan. Walking in the Spirit means we now have someone we can look to for counsel and He wants to show us what we need to know. He wants us to be successful in His plan. Living and walking by the Spirit should be the most natural flow for our lives. Take some time this week to talk to the Spirit, ask Him for help in little and big things and watch how much closer you’ll feel to Him as you walk together.

~Be Blessed, Jenny

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