A Renewed Mind Keeps Us in Faith

A renewed mind keeps us in faith

It’s impossible to stay in faith with an unrenewed mind. A renewed mind just simply means one that is constantly feeding and meditating on God’s Word, which is His thoughts. My father in the faith, Kenneth E. Hagin used to say, “The mind doesn’t stay renewed any more than the hair stays combed.” It’s a daily chore and sometimes one that must be done multiple times per day to make adjustments when thinking gets out of place. It takes effort to stop and look in the mirror and put it back in place but so worth it to stay in faith. The unrenewed mind cannot think faith thoughts, so when the mind tries to revert back to old ways of thinking or fearful thoughts or worried thoughts, it’s just slipped back into its unrenewed state. Don’t get down on yourself, it’s just part of the winds of life trying to blow. Take a moment to recognize it. Maybe you’re physically, mentally, or emotionally tired. Take some time to reach out to your heavenly Father. Remind yourself what the Word says about the situation you are standing in faith for and make the effort to correct your thinking in line with His promise to you. It will bring you back into the flow of peace; for peace and faith are companions. And your renewed mind will keep you standing in faith until that thing comes to pass. ~Be blessed, Jenny

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