God Sees You

God sees you

Today as I sat outside of a dressing room, waiting for my 17-year-old daughter while she tried on clothes, God saw me. I’ve been at this mothering game for more than 20 years now, and although with each passing year one gains confidence in their abilities to mother and meet the needs of their most valuable treasures, their children, there are still moments I doubt myself or succumb to insecurities in my greatest calling. I had one of those such moments just earlier in the day. But after shopping rather unsuccessfully for a few hours, here I sat at our last stop of the day, resting my aching feet, chatting casually with my sweet girl through the barrier of a wall, unaware that someone else in the dressing room heard most of our random conversation and upon her emergence from the adjacent stall took a moment as she walked past me to stop, smile, and say, “You’re a great mom!” The lump still tries to grow in my throat and the tears start to sting again, even hours later as I write this. Not because of a compliment from someone whom I assume is a fellow mama, but that through her God spoke right to my heart. She was just a vessel that proved to me once again that God sees me. He knows me. He loves me. Right in the middle of my struggle. Right in the midst of my insecurities. And He’s cheering me on to keep pressing into Him and that He’ll help me every step of the way.

I’ve often taken the time to encourage another mama in the same way and today I reaped encouragement for myself. Be on the watch for someone YOU can encourage this coming week. Those seemingly ordinary thoughts toward another that spring forth from your mind could actually be the very words God is trying to convey to someone who really needs a word of encouragement.

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