Giving Is Trusting

Giving is trusting

Giving is one of the first challenges in our Christian walk, challenging our belief that we have been adopted into a new family and we now have a Father who wants to care for our every need. Maybe you have been taking care of yourself for many years; never had anyone you could truly rely on and have grown accustomed to meeting your own needs. Giving is an outward display of our newfound trust. If you’re worried about finances, then you haven’t come fully into agreement with the promise of “my God shall supply all your needs” (Phil. 4:19). Keep feeding your faith with His promises and release it every time you give.

Next time you give, pray this way: Lord, I believe Your Word that was promised to me and I know that each and every time I give, I am agreeing with, declaring and acting in line with the truth that You are my Provider. I believe Your promise of abundance for my life and I release my faith for the supply that belongs to me to be released; financial supply, healing supply, a full supply of peace, direction, and wisdom, for You said You would supply ALL of my needs, and I thank You for it in advance, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

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