Rejection happens to all of us, it’s what we do next that matters.

Ever been rejected_

Ever been rejected? I got rejected just this week! It’s never easy. It definitely stings a bit. Especially when the other party pursued ME and then when it came time for confirmation of an arrangement, nothing…? Although I felt the meeting went great and they said they’d call or text, they never did. It was so hard to understand what happened. Was it something on my end, something that I could possibly do better next time? Or did another option present itself and they felt better going in that direction? I really was fine either way, but my flesh just really wanted to know the why. And it seemed so unprofessional of them. I couldn’t help feeling a bit let down and even disappointed that as the days went by, it definitely wasn’t going to happen. I felt like every day I was in some limbo holding-pattern waiting for that text. I asked the Lord why and He said, “why does it matter? Do you need to know everything that goes on in someone else’s head in order to believe in what I have told you?” I guess not. It’s so freeing to know that we cannot control what other people choose to do, but we can control how we react to their choices. We can either set up camp in those yucky feelings of rejection and stew, or we can keep moving forward in faith, confident that what we experience never changes the truth that He is on our side and that the best is still yet to come. When we allow our hearts to move forward, our flesh will follow, and those feelings of rejection by man will be replaced with the peace that only the knowledge of our acceptance by God can bring.

One thought on “Rejection happens to all of us, it’s what we do next that matters.

  1. As Christians God gives us new hearts,tender and sensitive,so that we can hear that still small voice,and love others as He loves us,But with that new tender heart you are going to get hurt,sometimes deeply!Take courage!!! Jesus is the healer!


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