Don’t Deny What’s In You

you have the faith of god (1)

As believers, the Bible tells us that we already have the God-kind of faith residing in us. We don’t have to ask Him for faith, His faith resides in us whenever we hear the Word. Meaning we have the ability to believe and lay hold of that which we need, if we only hear the Word, and release our faith by speaking what we believe. So, don’t be so quick to pray, but rather quick to hear. It’s the hearing of the Word that builds faith in us and once it’s built up, then when you pray you are releasing that faith and things begin to move in the spirit realm. You won’t see it with your natural eyes, but it is effecting change and it’s only a matter of time before it is evident to all. Spend time hearing every day, so the faith you need is there and ready to change your situation. Doing it every day ensures that it is fresh, just like consuming food, when we hear the word it nourishes us and when we don’t do it daily we will be weak. Because faith comes by hearing, not heard.

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