Tests Are Not Hard When You Know the Answers

tests are not hard when you know the answers

I had an incredible American History teacher in high school. For our final exam, she let us bring a cheat sheet. An 8.5 x 11 piece of paper on which we could write absolutely any answer to any question we knew would be on the test. I filled mine, in the tiniest handwriting, with important figures, dates, timelines, diagrams, and maps. In taking the time to study the textbook and our handouts and then compile all the info onto the cheat sheet, it so ingrained the answers in our memories that we hardly needed to use it at all. But the one thing it did was it took away all the fear of having to face a huge test. When you know the answer, it’s not so daunting, right? Any test that we face in this life is so much easier to handle when we have the answers. The Word IS the answer to EVERY situation we will ever face. The hardest times in my life was when I was a new Christian and didn’t know very much of the Word and so I struggled through test after test. But the more I learned of the Word, the easier facing tests became. It caused a surety and stableness that no matter what it was when I knew what He said about the situation, I knew I could trust in His promises because they were right there in black and white. The enemy will never leave us alone. He may be quiet for a season, but he always comes back to try to stir up trouble. The thing is that when you have the cheat sheet in your hand, you know he has no power over you. You have God’s Word, the sword, the weapon of heaven to wield. Remember that no matter what challenge you are facing, the Word is ALWAYS your answer.

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