We are in the midst of the greatest identity crisis we have ever seen. In the last 100 years, we have seen the Enemy’s biggest attack on America has been on its youth. When we think back to the young people who fought in the World Wars they are still considered to be “The Greatest Generation” for their fortitude and self-assurance. Young adults in our nation just a hundred years ago knew who they were, who they weren’t, and what they wanted for their future and they fought to bring it to pass. The young people of this generation have been stripped of who they really are to be and have had labels stamped all over them. But in the whole timeline of history, out of all the generations you could have been born into, God needed you to be HERE and NOW! You are not the sum of the labels society tries to put on you or even one you put on yourself in order to be accepted and loved. Labels don’t define you! Your true identity is not a letter, symbol or acronym! You are not Generation X, Y, or Z! You are a PRIVILEGED generation! A BLESSED generation! A DESTINED generation to be born for such a time as this! To become PLANETSHAKERS, WORLD CHANGERS, PROTECTORS OF TRUTH, DESTINED TO DO EXPLOITS, TRUE WORSHIPPERS!

Don’t allow anyone to label you or put you in a mold. This generation needs to find out who they are called to be in the Word. Because when you don’t know Who God IS you won’t know who you ARE. You will only find your true identity in Christ! By the power of the Holy Spirit, you can break free from the labels society has slapped on you. Do you know what they call you? They are calling you incompetent and weak because your parents coddled you too much. They say that your coaches and teachers weakened you by praising you and giving you a trophy just for trying. That you cannot make it in the real world; it’s too tough for you. That you are still children who must still live with mom and dad when you’re grown because you don’t know how to survive on your own. They call you kids when you are truly young adults. They label you as young and immature when they are the ones responsible for purposely extending your childhood. But no matter how someone treated or didn’t treat you, you can rise up full of the Word and faith! Let the Word of God be the standard that you raise like a banner and that raises you up to conquer every giant that tries to oppose you.

God has ALWAYS used the young and youthful to slay giants. You know why? Because the young are BRAVE, they are BOLD, they are ADVENTURERS! Can older people get saved and get moving in God’s plan for their life? Absolutely, but it takes more effort to move a large vessel that’s been going one direction for 40-50 years. While the young have no problem jumping in a kayak with just a paddle and getting out into the middle of open, uncharted waters. They have not become rutted or encumbered with baggage from their past. They have a child-like faith and that’s the faith God is looking for. Someone who will take Him at His Word and GO! Just like David, Daniel, Esther, Joseph, John the Baptist, Mary, and Jesus! They were all young people when God revealed His plan to them and they said, YES! In a sense, they each said, “Be it done unto me according to Your Word.” What has God said to you?

God has a purpose for your life! He has a plan that only you can fulfill. Don’t believe the lie that you cannot know what your purpose is at a young age. If you seek Him, God will reveal just enough of His plan to ignite your heart and then knowing it on the inside will keep you focused on the prize. There are many different plans and directions your life can take, but when you’ve got His plan at the forefront, it will keep you steady. Keep you from spending time pursuing other things. Keep you from relationships that will not propel you further into your calling. If it doesn’t help you to run your race, let it go! For that is the only thing that will truly satisfy you. So, if you’re going to walk around with a label, let it be a label of truth. A label that God gives you. God’s name is I AM. When you get adopted into His family, you get to take His name! A new label that says, “I AM blessed. I AM forgiven. I AM made brand new. I AM more than a conqueror. I AM full of peace. I AM wise. I AM strong. I AM healed. I AM loved.” It’s not something you need to try to be, that’s who you are!

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