The Holy Spirit is Your Tour Guide

Ever visit a strange city where you don’t yet know the lay of the land or maybe don’t speak the language? It’s incredibly helpful to have a tour guide who can easily show you all the ins and outs and help you navigate the unknown smoothly. That’s exactly what Jesus told us the Holy Spirit would be to us in John 16:13. That when the Holy Spirit came, He would guide us into all truth and show us things to come for our lives because He would only speak exactly what He hears from the Father. Praise God we don’t have to go it alone, wandering new territory aimlessly! We have a guide, an expert, a genius living on the inside of us! So, stop saying “I don’t know what to do” and “I’m not sure where to go” because if we look to the Helper on the inside, He’s waiting to guide us into the right place. Pray This Way: Father, I thank You that Jesus said when the Holy Spirit comes that He would lead and guide me into all truth for my life and even show me things to come. So, therefore I expect to be led every single day, in things large and small. Help me to be more sensitive to the leading of the Spirit and acknowledge His presence and His help. Thank You for putting the best Guide on the inside, in Jesus’ name. 

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