Faith is Based on What God Says

Faith is based on what God says

No matter what you have heard any man say, your faith (what you accept as truth and act upon) must always be based upon God’s Word. What does HE say about the situation? We must be students of the Word. It must become a part of us. It is the foundation we build upon that will hold us firm when everything around us says contrary. Faith is simply agreeing with God. If there’s something going on in your life that is troubling you, that means that you have come out of agreement with what God’s Word says. If the report of a terminal condition troubles you, that’s because you’ve come out of agreement with God’s Word that says in Psalm 91 “with LONG LIFE will I satisfy him.” If that unexpected bill rocks your world, that’s because you’ve momentarily forgotten that God said in Phil. 4:19 that “My God SHALL supply ALL your needs.” Don’t be condemned by having troubling thoughts, just go back to the Word and begin to feed on those truths. It is the foundation for strong faith.

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