Contend For The Faith!

Contend for the faith

We cannot contend for God’s best if we never step into the ring of faith. We don’t have to contend to receive something from God, but rather to keep the enemy off of what God has made ours! Jesus made a good life available to us, but we must exert some effort to walk in it. We’ve got to fight in faith for God’s will, God’s plan, and God’s best! Don’t settle for second best! Our success is not just our success but it will affect all those around us. When we know and walk in the truth of victory, we can then bring others to their victory, too! So, keep your faith muscles strong and be built up for every battle. The only way a muscle gets strong is with much use. So get thrilled every time you are presented with an opportunity to overcome! Get in the ring and devour every giant that tries to oppose you!

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