Dwell with the Word


When circumstances come up in life, the temptation also comes to walk away from the truth of the Word. That’s why it’s so important for the Word to DWELL in you and you to DWELL in the Word. That means that’s where you make your home. Our home is a safe haven from the things that are outside. It’s a place of refuge and rest. When the Word dwells in us, that’s the truth we can rest in. When things come to bump you out of rest you need to do the work of staying put, dwelling in the Word, in the rooms of faith, truth, and VICTORY and refuse to go into the room of the mind that tries to worry and reason everything out. When the Word is SO BIG in you, in abundance,  it leaves no room for any contrary thought to get in. It’s not our job to figure out how God’s going to do it for us, it’s our job just to stay put and dwell in His Word. And that’s enough.

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