How to Live FULL!

Live in the fullness

No matter what you may be facing in life, facing it FULL is what makes all the difference! In order to get full, we need both the Word and the Spirit in full measure on the inside of us. You could place a cup under the faucet but it’s not considered to be full until it has no room left but it is spilling over the edges. We need to be the same when it comes to coming into God’s presence with the intent to FILL UP. Too many grab a bit here and a bit there and wonder why they feel so dry all the time and why they feel depleted when they are out in the trenches of life. We need to take time to soak in Him! Don’t be in such a hurry. Because what we take time to fill up with is never just for us. There is a whole world full of parched people who desperately need a sip of what we’ve got. So, don’t only take time to fill up with the Word, but to fill up with the Spirit. Practicing things that are ‘of the Spirit’ so you can jump into that flow at a moments notice. Being full makes all things easier. There is a move of God that will be lost to this generation if we don’t take the time to instruct them in it! For God said He is looking for a church who will “worship Him in Spirit and in truth”. I believe the last days’ revival will take place in churches that allow the Holy Spirit to move freely. If you haven’t yet, find a local church that is moving with the fullness of the Word and flowing with the Spirit. Don’t miss out on the outpouring of God’s Spirit, it’s the empowerment we need to get the great commission done!

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