You Are Loved

You Are Loved

When we get a revelation of how much we are loved, our faith (our belief and the corresponding action based on that belief) will be strengthened. Because the Bible says that “Faith works by love”. When you know that someone loves you unconditionally, you can rest in their presence, not striving to prove your worth. Likewise, we can come to God releasing our faith from a restful posture because we can rest in the knowledge that God will keep His promises. A restful posture is not inactive because there is an action to our faith, whether it’s speaking the Word in the face of contradictory circumstances or getting up and violating in the physical that which tries to hinder you.  But it is the assurance that however you are giving expression to your faith, that you do it from the restful place of the mind, trusting in Him to bring it to pass and not in your own efforts. So, feed on His great love for you. Rest in the knowledge of His love.  YOU ARE LOVED.

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