The Word Will Anchor You

boat and anchor

Your word is an anchor for my soul! I won’t let go! (Hebrews 6:19) I’m holding on tight today and resting in the FACT that Jesus said, “It is finished.” Our faith MUST ALWAYS rest on a FINISHED WORK of Christ. Salvation was not the only thing Jesus provided at the cross. HEALING, PROVISION, & PEACE were completed there as well. Why do we make it so difficult to walk in those blessings, too? They are received by faith, just like we believed and received salvation. And when thoughts, feelings, and symptoms come, we must RENEW our minds and hold onto that which we KNOW is true and confess it with our mouths! We overcome, how? By the blood of the Lamb (which Jesus ALREADY provided, “It is finished”=His part) AND the word of our testimony (our part=what are we saying?) Rev.12:11 Feeling unsettled in your mind? Go back to what the Word says. It will be an anchor to your mind, holding you firm and steady.

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