The Resources of Heaven

bread loaves

How many of you know that as believers, we can, in a very real sense, live in heaven and on earth at the same time? Because the kingdom of God is within us according to Luke 17:21 we can walk around every day with the power and benefits of that kingdom surrounding us. 

John 6 This is the telling of when Jesus feeds five thousand men, so when you count their wives and couple of children per family, we could be talking about twenty thousand, easily. Verse 5-7 depicts the scene. In verse 8&9 the answer is found, “One of His disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, said to Him, ‘There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two fish, but what are these for so many people?” So, Andrew hit on the answer to their problem, but then he dismissed it, right? Don’t dismiss your answer. We can sometimes be so conscious of our need that we automatically dismiss our answer, but Jesus wasn’t. Even in the midst of a great need, He was always conscious of the abundance of the kingdom of heaven. When they brought Him the loaves and fishes, was His response, “What do you expect me to do with so little?” No, His eyes were not upon the natural, the visible, the need, but on the kingdom of God where there is always abundance, Amen?

Verses 10-13 reveal to us what Jesus knew to be true about the situation. We need to follow His example in everything. He lifted up His eyes toward heaven. When you need something, it matters what direction you’re looking, Amen? And what did He do? He blessed it! He said something! Instead of looking at your checkbook and cursing it by saying, “I can’t pay my bills this month, I never have enough, I’m always behind.” That’s cursing! You know cursing is not just using foul language, it’s speaking against what God says about us. 

When you see in the natural it’s not enough, say, Father, I thank You that You said You’d provide all my needs, that You are my supply. Jesus didn’t curse it. He knew how to take what was not enough and turn it into more than enoughHow? He thanked God and then He spoke to it. And it didn’t multiply in His hands. It multiplied in the distribution! In the use! Don’t hold on to the little you may have just because it may not look like enough to make an impact. As long as He and the disciples kept acting on the amount they had it kept becoming more than enough. 

Jesus said the kingdom of God is within us! The resources of that kingdom are within us, too. If we want to experience abundance for our own lives and for our church, we need to be conscious first of the abundance within us. Then what is on the inside will become a reality on the outside, Amen?

Do you have a need today? Get your seed prepared to give and then pray this way: Father, I thank you for all that You’ve blessed me with and I desire to be a doer of Your Word and give back to You. I take Jesus’ example and I lift up to You what seems little in comparison to Your great abundance, and I call it blessed and I release my faith, giving You the permission You need to multiply it in my life. Your Word tells me that I am seated with Christ and therefore all the abundance of heaven that He has access to, I have access to because You’ve seated me with Him! I speak to every need of my household to be met, and I thank you for it, in Jesus’ name, Amen! Now, rejoice that His Word is working on your behalf! 

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